Friday, October 30, 2015

I Work Out

Happy Friday! Excited that the weekend is here! A few weeks ago, I started taking Pure Barre, and it's safe to say that I'm obsessed. I've taken barre in the past but never committed to a lot of classes, but as of late, I've desperately been wanting to get my body back into the shape it once was. I love working out with a trainer, but that's not always feasible, so I knew I needed something engaging and instructor-lead. 

I ended up at Pure Barre on a whim last week - one of my gal friends couldn't go walking after work but I wanted to exercise so I thought I would give a class a try. Next thing you know, I'm signing up for the new client month of unlimited classes. I've been 4 times so far this week, and my body hates me so much in the beginning of the class but loves me at the end. I'll be sharing more on my Pure Barre experience in the next month or so, but today, I'm talking about athletic wear.

With Pure Barre, you have to wear leggings, which I honestly prefer over shorts anyway. While it's easy to toss on a t-shirt and call it a day, I always feel so much more confident in my workout when I like my workout wear - I know that sounds materialistic, but I honestly get a self confidence boost when I can see my muscles working and imagine how much better that cute tank or pair of leggings will look after I've stuck with my workout. On that same note, as much as I love Lululemon and the like, I just can't reason with spending over $100 on one pair of leggings when I'm already shelling out a pretty penny on my classes. So - all of the below are less than $50! Shop away.

sports bras



Hope you enjoy your weekend & have a great Halloween!
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