Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Wanted List: Coastal Goods

Coastal Goods
I constantly peruse online stores and Home Goods for new pieces to add to my apartment. I've gotten better about controlling my shopping urges, but it's still hard to resist a new piece here or there. It also doesn't help that I interned a few years back with Liz Carroll, an incredible interior designer, so I have a hard time resisting new interior pieces.

Though my apartment is full of lots of whites and blues already, summertime {and the fact that my hometown is also a beach town} often makes me gravitate towards coastal vibes. I've had my eye on coral lamps for a long while now, so eventually I may just have to splurge on a pair. I also would love to frame a few coral fans to put in a long hallway. Any one of these pieces I would gladly accept -- any favorites?

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