Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter Necessities

Winter Necessities
On Sunday, I was enjoying a balmy 75 degrees, but it's now back to winter weather. The lows for Wednesday night are 13 degrees. And for North Carolina, that's pretty chilly. Though I miss summer weather, I do love some of the pieces that I've found this fall. And in my opinion, there are a few go-tos that are perfect to have in your closet to keep you cozy and stylish for chilly winter days.

If you must be bundled, you may as well have a cute coat! I snagged a fab coat during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale back in the fall, and I love it. I can't find it online anymore, but I am loving this J.Crew coat. Definitely top of the list.

I wasn't feeling all that great last night, but had plans to go out to dinner to celebrate my best friend's birthday. My office is a casual environment, so I wore a knit long-sleeved top, a pair of jeans, and Frye boots to work -- very low maintenance. I worked late and didn't have much time (nor energy) to figure out what to wear, when I realized I could throw on one of my favorite fur vests and change into wedged booties for a completely new look. Vests are perfect for when you want to spice up a simple outfit.

gloves with the fur
Is it just me or do gloves seem to fall off the face of the earth? Two of my favorite pairs of gloves have one that are missing, which is no good for these chilly nights. I picked up these fun gloves from Target this week, and they are perfect for the colder temperatures. Definitely going to be one of my favorite accessories for this winter -- as long as the temperatures are actually cold. 

Everyone says that the bags I carry are way too large, but they fit so many things! I can so easily toss a bottle of water, planner, and makeup into my tote, and it seems the wintertime is even more fitting for a larger bag. A scarf, gloves, and more can easily fit into a tote, making it the perfect winter accessory.

boots for walking
These wedged booties... I wear them all the time, so of course they are a favorite. They're also on sale at Aldo now. The perfect addition to a casual or dressy outfit, and they are comfortable, as well.
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