Friday, January 23, 2015


It's the end of Fit Week! Thanks for joining in, offering suggestions, and keeping me motivated! I'm really on a mission to make fitness a habit, not just a resolution. It's so much easier to work towards a more fit you when you have a concrete goal, but it's important to keep your best health as a goal, too. I'll leave you with a few more ideas, and I'm looking for a few suggestions, too!

chic fit
One thing that is keeping me motivated is cute workout gear. I feel so much more motivated when I head to the gym and printed leggings and a bright tank as opposed to baggy sweats. I can better see the muscles I'm working as well as feel a lot cuter when I look in the mirror. Next on my list are these fun Albion Fit printed pants.

birthday cake
Birthday cake can be healthy? Apparently so, in this cake batter protein shake. I shared one of my smoothie recipes this week, but this sounds absolutely amazing. Next on my list to try!

fit tech
Does anyone have a FitBit, Nike FuelBand or any other kind of fitness tracker? The only real fitness trackers I have at the moment are apps: My Fitness Pal and Nike+ Run. Though these are great, I would love to have another method of fitness tracking that keeps up with calories burnt, or steps taken, or other motivational aspects. I looked into one last year but never purchased. Any suggestions?

Your favorite recipes can be guilt free! Just because you want to stay fit and in shape doesn't mean you can't splurge on your comfort food favorites (mine is mashed potatoes, of course). These macaroni and cheese recipe gives you the option to indulge while not overdoing it.

The biggest piece of fitness advice I can offer is to find something that you really and truly enjoy. Whether you enjoy a long run, a yoga workout on the beach, an action-packed class, or time to yourself in the gym, find something that works for you. There are options like Tone It Up, workout challenges,and so many other options out there to choose from. I'll be sharing more next week, but I'm excited to try out ClassPass, a membership that gives you the flexibility to try different classes at a variety of studios. For me, I love a class or the gym all to myself {or with a fitness buddy}. If you enjoy it, it'll become so much easier!

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