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Blake Lively announced her first pregnancy via her website Preserve
In a post for moms and moms to be, first-time contributor and mom Jane Brown shares some style tips for dressing during pregnancy. If you're into fashion, dressing during pregnancy can be pretty fun, However, when it comes to maternity style, many moms­-to­-be are at a loss for how to dress their ever­-changing bodies. Thankfully, maternity fashion can be made simple. Keep reading for some quick, easy tips on the "do's" and "don'ts" of dressing for two.

Don't: Go Overboard on Maternity Clothes
For ladies who love fashion, it can be tempting to buy every piece of maternity clothing in sight. Remember, though, you'll only be wearing these items for a few months, and you don't want to break the bank or take up too much space on clothing with such a limited lifespan.

Do: Stick to the Basics
Instead of going all out on the maternity clothing front, invest in a few quality staples that will last throughout your pregnancy. A few of the basics include the following:

Maternity denim. Stick to a dark wash in a flattering cut with little or no embellishments. A simple pair of jeans can be worn during the day or night, and can be styled dozens of different ways.

Leggings. Leggings will be your best friends during pregnancy. They're fun, fashionable and, if you go for compression leggings, will help prevent uncomfortable swelling and tenderness in the legs. Plus, maternity leggings like the ones at can be found in a variety of colors, cuts and styles, so you're sure to find some that suit your personal tastes. Stock up now, and save yourself the headache of finding comfortable, stylish wardrobe options.

Tanks, tunics and camisoles. These types of tops are great for layering, and work when you're on the go, at the office, or on date night.

Dresses. A­line and wrap dresses are super flattering drink pregnancy, as are flowing maxi dresses and frocks with an empire waist.

Don't: Be Afraid of Color or Prints
When it comes to great maternity style, being chic doesn't always mean going monochromatic. And while dark colors and solids definitely have their place in a pregnancy wardrobe, there's nothing wrong with adding some prints or colors.

Do: Prints and Colors the Right Way
If you're already a big fan of colors and prints, don't let pregnancy slow your style. However, if your fashion sense is more demure, try experimenting with colors and prints in your accessories. By choosing colorful shoes, bags, scarves and even leggings, you'll add tons of visual interest without making a huge color commitment.

Don't: Be Ashamed of Your Bump
A quick look at any celebrity mom­to­be will tell you that modern moms aren't afraid to rock their bumps. And, really, why should they be afraid? Sure, you're body's changing, but many pregnant women report feeling more beautiful and sexy than ever before. So, embrace your bump, and don't be afraid to try more body­conscious looks.

Do: Layer
Layering is a great styling technique, whether you're pregnant or not. However, during pregnancy, layering can help streamline your physique by lending to a more modern, feminine look. A great layering tip for moms-­to-­be is to pair scoop or v­neck tops with leggings or slim jeans, then add a cardigan or sweater that falls just below the hips. Avoid shorter tops and outerwear, as they can make you look boxy or frumpy.

Don't: Buy Everything New
Dressing for two can get expensive, indeed. But, by the time you finally build a solid maternity wardrobe, your pregnancy will be over!

Do: Thrift, Borrow and Swap
Instead of buying everything new, check out the maternity options at your local thrift stores. Also, enlist the help of mommy friends, coworkers and family members, and see if you can work out a borrowing or trading system. One great idea is to swap one piece of your regular clothing for a friend's maternity item; once you're back in your pre-­pregnancy clothes, return items to their rightful owners.

No matter your personal style, maternity fashion should make you look and feel your best. By accentuating your body and having fun with fashion, you can send your confidence skyrocketing, and add to the joys of pregnancy.

Those of you who are moms already, do you have any tips for mamas-to-bes? Do you agree or disagree?
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