Monday, December 15, 2014

What Women Want

There are stark differences in the styles of men and women and the changes that occur in each of them. After all, women like to change their appearance every new season. They read fashion magazines and discuss trends with other fashionistas, and there is constantly a change in regards to what is popular and what isn’t.

Men are a different story. Changes in men’s fashion are subtle and infrequent. It can be as subtle as the difference between wide ties and narrow ones, round collars or no collars, and between Heritage Twill Chino trousers and Charcoal Check Wool Trousers. Stick to the basics—jeans and trousers, t-shirts and dress shirts, suits and business casual.

Trends Women Don’t Love:
No Style
In this day and age, no style is considered stylish, but women love when a man has his own sense of style.
Short Shorts
Some shorts on the market may be a little too short for a woman's taste. Too high above the knees can be a bit of a shock, so look for shorts that work with your body type.
Wife Beaters
Under your clothes, no problem. But as a statement piece, wife beaters don’t belong on the list. While Marlon Brando may have managed to pull it off in “A Streetcar Named Desire” and it created an image of the roughneck Sylvester Stallone in “Rocky, “it doesn’t always work in real life.
Too-Tight Skinny Jeans
Celebrities like Adam Lambert and Justin Bieber have pushed the trend of skinny jeans. While women love a man in tight jeans, they probably shouldn’t hug every single curve.

A Trend Women Love:
Preppy clothing has style and substance, and is a mix of debonair with a hint of flamboyance. The preppy look first began to surface in the 1970s, originating from the casual elegance adopted in Ivy League schools. Polos, khaki shorts, and sporty-looking accessories are all elements of the preppy style that women have come to love. Though preppy is a great look, as a whole, a girl just likes when her guy looks put together. 
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