Friday, September 26, 2014


the shoes
I've been on the hunt for a pair of leopard pumps. I found the perfect ones yesterday, chunky gold heel and all, but they're unfortunately sold out of my size. Loving this version, too. 

the closet
Can I please have a closet like this? It's the perfect place to put my leopard pumps. I just need a shoe wall. Is that too much to ask?

the gladiator
Scandal is back! Did anyone else watch? I'm a #Gladiator forever, and this season is off to a solid start. Now, I'll be patiently waiting for next week's episode. Who's kidding -- the entire season. Plus, Biana reminded me that The Limited is carrying the Scandal-inspired line that channels Olivia Pope's style. I could see myself in that coat, walking very quickly around DC before settling in my apartment with popcorn and a glass of wine. Oh, and the coat would work nicely in my closet (the one above), too.

the dish
I'm really trying to stay dedicated to keep a healthier diet, especially throughout the week. This means cooking dinner every night and packing my lunch for work instead of eating out. I came across this pesto chicken recipe, and it is a new favorite. It's so easy, pretty healthy, and delicious all at the same time. I used mozzarella instead of parmesan for the final result -- but any cheese will work.

the inspiration
It's time to chase your dreams! We often wait around for the right time to make a change, go after something we want, try something new. Time will pass no matter what, so set your goals high and go for what you want. No better time than the present!

Have a great weekend!
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