Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Wanted List

wanted list

   bag      /     cuff      /      heel      /      dress      /      top      /      cropped pant      /      blazer

If you can't tell based on my posts these last few weeks, I'm just not ready to give up on summertime. I feel like the weather just turned warm, but then I realize that I've already been back in Raleigh for two months and my move feels like forever ago. Even though I'm holding on to the warm weather, I can't help but feel more and more excited about spicing up my wardrobe for fall.

Many of my summer wardrobe purchases were dedicated to frilly dresses and short shorts -- things that aren't quite right for the office. For fall, I'm really looking for pieces that I can weave in and out of my weekend and work week wardrobe. Cropped pants and blazers can be mixed and matched depending on the occasion, and a fun pair of heels can spice up the simplest black pant or mix well with a pair of denim. I picked up a pair of skinny knit pants this week that will be perfect for both the office or the weekend, and they are versatile enough that I can pair them with boots or heels. If any of the above items appeared in my closet, I can assure you I wouldn't be disappointed.

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