Monday, June 9, 2014


cover-up: Francesca's, flops: Tory Burch, photos: Stephen Wiggins

Though I love a good swimsuit, I love a good cover-up just as much. I certainly don't get dolled up to go to the beach or sit by the pool, but a cute cover-up definitely makes me feel put together for a day in the sun. This Francesca's tunic is so light and breezy, and I am beyond obsessed. A gift from a friend, it is the perfect thing to throw on over my bikini, and I have already spent so much time in it. The color and print is so much fun and I will be living it in on the weekends -- this I already know.

Speaking of weekends, this one was as quick as ever. On Saturday, I popped in to Monkee's of Wilmington, and as I was paying for my sister's present, I happened to notice the Tory Burch sunglasses that were placed by the register, strategically, of course. I wanted to slam a pair of sunglasses on the counter and say I'll take 'em, but I resisted. Okay, I only resisted because SW told me I probably shouldn't just randomly splurge on them on a whim. And he was right, but I need them. So...I might be making that purchase soon. Just another thing to add to my wish list. Typical. 

Here's to a great week full of wish lists!

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