Monday, May 5, 2014

Going Strong

This past weekend, the Class of 2014 graduated from Meredith College. It's hard to believe that a year ago, I was the one graduating.. In some ways it feels like it really was just yesterday, but I also feel like I've grown so much since I first moved into my dorm room almost 5 years ago. Since graduation, I interned with Liz Carroll Interiors, competed at Miss North Carolina, started my career, and moved to the Charlotte area. A lot of change in one year!

Graduation Day was a busy one! Stephen graduated from NCSU the same day as I did -- so it was Baccalaureate in the morning, his graduation at 1:00, "dinner" with our two families in the afternoon, and then my graduation that evening. I love looking back on my graduation day -- a reminder of 4 years I wouldn't have wanted to spend anywhere else.

So many people have asked me why I chose Meredith. In a nutshell, I really don't know. It was just an instinct in my gut that told me that it was the place I needed to be. I received a wonderful education and a B.A. in English. That diploma hangs on the wall in my very own office, and that is something that I'm proud of. But Meredith College was more than just a school. It was a home. That one decision led me to a lot of other things -- the best friends I could have ever asked for, the chance to compete at Miss Garner, ultimately win, and receive 1st runner-up at Miss North Carolina, meeting SW...the list could go on.

Meredith College, centered in the heart of our state's capital, is so rich in tradition. The Southerner in me adores that -- just take a look at the gorgeous building that greets you when you drive down the long oak-lined driveway. Meredith adopted the ideal of Going Strong. That represents so much, but as an alumna and as an individual.

Do I miss the homework, the tests, the decisions that came with choosing a college major (I changed mine several times) and what to do upon graduation? Of course not. Do I miss living with my best friends, living no more than 5 minutes from almost everyone, road trips, nights out with friends, and everything that your time in college represents? Absolutely. But thankfully, I can look down at the onyx on my finger and know that I always have that place to call home.

Cheers to another year of post-grad life. Let's make it a good one.
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