Thursday, May 1, 2014

Follow Your Bliss

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Can I just take a minute to say how much I love this little place? I feel like the gals (and guys) who read this little space of mine and take the time to comment are like real friends. I even refer to you all as my blog-friends. Lately, I've realized how much of a blessing this little space is. When I started blogging, I didn't have a real purpose or vision. Even now, Southern Style changes in both direction and focus based on where my life is at that moment. 

I look forward to writing and posting here each day. But I think the moment I realized how much I enjoyed reading others' blogs was a few weeks ago when I was in Williamsburg. Don't get me wrong -- I thoroughly enjoy a vacation no matter how big or how small, and it is always nice to get away from a computer for a little while, but I also felt like I had so much to catch up on when I got back to blogland

So -- thanks to you all for leaving me the sweetest comments and following along with me. I absolutely adore every single one. I have some exciting products to review, a few parties I will be sharing, and even a few giveaways. I'm also going to be putting a lot more focus into my style posts -- because I have so much fun doing them. Don't forget that you can now also link-up with me and 3 other fab ladies on Tuesdays.

And guess what? Tomorrow's Friday! Cheers to that!

So glad I have a place to follow my bliss. Follow yours, too.

Note: After creating this post, I read an inspiring post over at The Sweetest Thing. She shared this story about a family who has become victim to the tornadoes. You can donate to #ArkanStrong here. Another great reason why the blogging community is so amazing.

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