Friday, May 23, 2014

Birthdays and Shenanigans

This Sunday, I turn 23! So my weekend will be spent celebrating with friends. Saturday will be filled with a day at the beach and pool, which is the epitome of the perfect day. To top it off, I'm going to dinner at Bluewater -- one of my favorite places in Wilmington -- with SW and my best friends so it will be a great day. Sunday will more than likely be another day at the pool + dinner with my sweet family.

Speaking of birthdays, how amazing do these cake-tinis look! So cute.

My birthday always falls on or around Memorial Day weekend. I don't mind a bit, because that means a longer weekend for me! These adorable lemon mousse fruit parfaits will make the perfect dessert for your Memorial Day festivities!

For Christmas, my dad gave my mom paddleboards. I gave it a try a few weeks ago, and though scary at first, it's a lot of fun! I'll be getting my exercise + sun in this weekend with those.

Since I'm always finding something that I need, I am now obsessed with these Sam Edelman sandals! They're a more conservative take on the gladiator sandals, and I am in love! Plus, they're on sale, too! What's not to love!

This week was a struggle for me, and I took some news that I received harder than I thought I would. But positive encouragement from my friends, family, and a special blog friend made my entire week turn around, and I am beyond ready to celebrate all weekend long!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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