Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Showers & Soirees: The Wedding Dress Cake

When I hosted a shower for my best friend last summer, I wanted to create a memorable dessert. Let me disclaim that I am no chef or baker. With that said, I love to try my hand at new recipes or projects, so when I came across a Wedding Dress Cupcake Cake on Pinterest, I had to give it a try. It was just a picture without instructions, so I got creative in the kitchen. I also gave this cake a test run as I didn't want my first time creating it to be for the shower.

  • Cake Mix of your choice
  • 3 16-oz. cans of icing (or 48 ounces of icing if you are making your own)
  • Cake Box bottom or similarly sized cardboard box*
  • Beads or other decor for belt
  • Icing dispenser 
*My mom wrapped our cake box bottom with wrapping paper so it was not just a blank sheet


  1. Bake 22 cupcakes per directions. (I used a yellow cake box mix and followed the directions provided)
  2. Align plain cupcakes (no icing) to create a dress-like shape. Start with 5 cupcakes on the bottom, 4 on the next row, then 3, then three rows of two. Finally, add two cupcakes as the sleeves. 
  3. Once cupcakes are in desired shape, put a dot of icing under each one as to prevent them from slipping out of the dress shape.
  4. Ice each individual cupcake with your icing dispenser.
  5. Once each of the cupcakes are iced, go in to the holes of the "cake" and fill with icing. I did a circular dot pattern to fill in the space between each cupcake.
  6. Finally, add your decoration to complete your wedding dress!
This cupcake-cake does take a lot of icing -- so I would certainly over-prepare. It is also a bit messy if you're not an accomplished baker, which I am not. I had icing everywhere, but was very pleased with the finished product!
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