Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"Eeees Okay" - Bachelor Recap

You've found my guilty pleasure -- The Bachelor (or the Bachelorette, depending on the season). This season was hard to get into from the start, honestly. I sort of missed the Juan Pablo hype from the previous season, but when he became the Bachelor, I thought, "Well, there must be something to this guy. Let's watch this." But over time, I realized that good old JP loves himself, and that's about it.

Now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with loving yourself, but when you love yourself as much as JP does, well...there might be a problem.

Now, I do think Clare was a little crazy. I liked her at first, but once she staked her claim, she went a little out of control. Despite her issues, like that Did you pay for that? scene with Nikki, she really ended up standing up for herself. It would have been even better if she'd told JP to take a hike after he disrespected her in the helicopter, but of course, she actually went hiking with him. Eeees okay. She made up for it when she chose not to speak to him on After The Final Rose.

Some issues with The Bachelor finale:
  1. Don't be rude to Chris Harrison. Um, last time I checked Juan Pablo, you signed up for this.
  2. The look on Nikki's face when she realized she wasn't getting a ring. You could tell she was not too pleased.
  3. The whole "privacy" thing. I get it. In my relationship, I love having privacy and don't feel the need to share all of our details with everyone. But I also didn't sign up to meet SW on The Bachelorette.
  4. Juan Pablo's parents pretty much telling the girls that he's not the nicest person. Isn't that kind of a warning sign?
  5. JP alluding to different kinds of issues that happened after filming. What was the big surprise that he didn't end up doing? What happened around the time of The Women Tell All that changed the so-called "plans" that he and Nikki had made?
  6. Don't be rude to Chris Harrison! He's the king. (this one is so important, it must be on the list twice.)
While Sean and Catherine are of course the "lucky" ones who made it work (and after all, they've only been married for 45 days), Catherine said it best: Don't slap the hand that fed you. While JP didn't have to profess is love or propose on national television if he didn't want to, I do think he should have at least talked about what their plans were for the future and where he saw their relationship heading. But then again, maybe he doesn't think that much.

I don't think Juan Pablo is a terrible person. After all, he is a father and he does have his daughter to consider. But I do think he is slightly on the rude side, maybe because he doesn't know any better, and that he just doesn't quite know how to be in a relationship. Maybe Nikki can help him out on that one. While I personally would run in the opposite direction if I were Nikki, props to her for defending him. If she's truly in love with him, that's what she should do. I guess.

Next up: Bachelorette Andi. I, for one, can't wait for that one.

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