Tuesday, February 25, 2014



Growing up in Eastern North Carolina, I've often taken for granted what it means to be southern. Of course, there are so many interpretations of the matter, but I pride myself on being a North Carolinian and a Southerner. One thing that I really love is the idea of tradition, and how much that resonates here. I went to an all-girls college where tradition lies at the heart of it, and I so enjoyed living in the epitome of a Southern place. Winston Churchill wrote, "The most beautiful voice in the world is that of an educated Southern woman." I find that highly complimentary -- and love many things about living in the South. 

"Southern women are extremely good at getting what they want." -- Virginia Williams

The higher the hair, the closer to Jesus. 

Handwritten notes will never be old-fashioned. 

Football games and tailgates are more or less a fashion show. 

Someone's heart will always be blessed. 

The South is home to great literature. 

Living spaces are never confined to just the indoors.

Mason jars make perfectly good sweet tea glasses, or cocktail glasses, or flower vases, for that matter.

Speaking of Southern cocktails, it's hard to beat them. Whiskey Sour, anyone?

There's not much better than a large spread of Southern cooking. 

Manners should be second-nature, and a yes ma'am and no sir certainly never hurt anyone.

There are festivals celebrating flowers -- the North Carolina Azalea Festival is my all time favorite. Cue the Azalea Belles (think Scarlett O'Hara), big hats, and mint juleps.

A monogram is appropriate for a woman of any age. 

There will always be those Southernisms like "heavens to Betsy" or "Lord have mercy."

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