Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You Look . . . Like It's a Wednesday

That's what I saw in my gmail inbox this morning from, while I was still laying in bed procrastinating getting ready for work, might I add. And quite frankly, theSkimm hit the nail on the head! It's already been a crazy busy week -- but not necessarily in a bad way, when I reflect on it. I've had some Etsy shop orders, which I absolutely love, as well as a few custom orders for bangles, too (plug: if you want one, comment or email me -- I'd love to chat about it!)

I am so excited about what is to come for this blog -- in the past couple of weeks, I've had new opportunities come my way, just when I thought that my effort was in vain. I absolutely love my little nook here at A Southern Style, but it's so rewarding when people comment, email you, or reach out to collaborate! Tomorrow, check back for a beauty review thanks to Studio Gear Cosmetics and BrandBacker. Plus, I am so excited about another collaboration I am working on, which I can't wait to announce! Stay tuned for more details.

Since today is completely random, here's a fun find I came across at Target!
I've decided to send out a few Christmas cards this year. Why? Not really sure, but one from myself and little Sophie pup may just appear in your mailbox.

Happy Wednesday, lovelies. Hope it treats you wonderfully!
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