Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Blues

I’ve Got The Monday Blues — MeeganMakes
Well, I had quite the plan for my Monday morning post -- check back tomorrow and you'll see what I originally had planned. However -- my Monday morning did not get started on the best foot:
1. Traffic = terrible + the bottom dropped out torrential rain, which ultimately equaled one big mess. You get the point.
2. I pulled Sophie's dog food container out of my bag only to have the lid come off, with the contents spilling everywhere (including inside my bag, yuck). 
3. A pet peeve of mine is wrinkled clothes, and my perfectly ironed top was incredibly wrinkled by the time I finally made it inside the office. Disappointing
4. I had too many cups of coffee and not enough to eat this morning, which equaled a very jittery Zelle.

Enough of my Monday blues. The day turned around, and I ordered a fantastic desk and am feeling quite decor inspired.

Oxford Executive Desk
Since I just ordered it today, it'll be a week or so before it is in my apartment put together (thanks, SW!), but I'm very excited to see the finished product and to see my little home come together. I'm still looking for a chair, so if you have any suggestions, please pass them along! (I'm envisioning some printed fabric...)

I also think I've found the window panels I want. I'm going to stop by Home Goods to check them out once again, and if I like them as much this time, pick those up + curtain rods!

I'm going to try my hand at a little crafting this week, so if it turns out like I'm envisioning, you'll be able to find that here later this week!

Happy Monday!

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