Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bauble Bar

Bauble Bar

I have an obsession. And it's pretty bad. I've looked at Bauble Bar's online store, but never like this. And now it is a major problem. I could have one of everything and be completely content. This season, I'm really loving statement necklaces and bracelets. I have my go-to necklace favorites that I wear often (I'm a fan of my monogram necklace from Etsy), but I am really wanting to expand my collection of statement necklaces.

There are so many incredible pieces to choose from! Right now, I'm really loving neutrals and pastels, but neon is so much fun too! I think the above pieces would fit into my wardrobe nicely because they are all so versatile.

Though I really want all of these, I would choose the two tortoise pieces first -- but not to wear together. I love each of these for different reasons, but the variety here is perfect to spice up any look.

:: visit the Bauble Bar's online store, or click below to shop my favorite pieces ::

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