Friday, August 9, 2013

The Friday Five -- 8.9

What's on this week's wish list?

the friday 5 (august 8)

1/ pinch provisions mini monogram kit: How cute is this emergency kit? I think we've all been caught without something we really needed, like fashion tape or safety pins. Filled with all the necessities, this can slip in your tote and you'll be ready for any fashion qualm!
2/ game changer dress: With football season right around the corner, this dress is perfect for NCSU games. For all of you other college fans, Vestique has plenty more game day options!
3/ tory burch frete bangle: I love this sleek bracelet from TB! Great to pair with other fun bangles.
4/ amanda clutch: Clearly, I'm on a Tory Burch roll this week. At $395, this is more of a splurge, but I would love to add this crossbody to my closet!
5/ society social pillows("get it" and "confetti") It's almost apartment decorating time! Love these fun pillows. 

Happy Friday!


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