Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Be Jeweled


When I first started looking at jewelry tonight, a black and gold theme was not my intention. But it just so happened that every piece I gravitated towards just happened to have that look, so here we are. It all started with the gorgeous watch and monogrammed necklace and exploded from there.

Why do I love these pieces?

1/ Frieda Hoffman Hamptons Ring: the understated look of this ring makes it perfect -- the mixture of stone and gold is a great combination.
2/ Michael Kors Slim Leather Watch :: I might be in love with this watch. Simple and understated, it is definitely something I want to add to my watch collection.
3/ Golden Threads Necklace :: you might recognize this necklace if you follow Pippa Middleton. Golden Threads has so many monogrammed necklace options it is hard to choose just one.
4/ Tory Burch Link Bracelet :: link and chain pieces are a very popular fashion statement, and I love the look of this TB bracelet. 
5/ Enamel Pyramid Ring : I love the structure and geometric pattern of this simple ring.

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