Saturday, January 26, 2013

Winter Days

I have been terrible at posting this week! School and babysitting has taken over my life already, so my spare time has gone to SW, friends, the fam and the pup.

But, crazy for NC, it has snowed twice in the last week! Last Thursday and Friday it snowed just enough to say it snowed, and most of yesterday was filled with snow and sleet. Last week it didn't make the roads too bad, but this storm had made everything VERY icy...which is a struggle for those of us who aren't used to this kind of weather. The past 2 days have barely gotten out of the 20s, if at all.

So what has been keeping me warm on these freezing days?

Right after Christmas, I purchased a great Michael Kors coat. I thought it was going to be a lightweight raincoat, but it turned out to have thermal insulation on the inside. I was a bit disappointed at first, but I have been so glad to have it this winter!

I am also a huge fan of pashmina scarves. I have so many in so many different cord and prints but I have a few favorites. Yesterday I opted for a cashmere blend scarf from Gap. It is so thick and warm that is perfect for a freezing and snowy day like yesterday.

I paired a thick pair of leggings with dark chocolate Uggs. I absolutely love them. I don't find them all that cute but for a day when you're only going to school, they are cozy, comfortable and warm.

Combined with a t-shirt and thick caramel-colored ruffle sweater, I was so comfy for a day that turned into a night in.

What do you wear on a cold dreary day?


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