Thursday, May 6, 2021

How We Organized the Nursery

Nursery organization is tough! After our first shower, I sat on the floor with tiny clothes everywhere and texted one of my best friends: What in the world do I do with all of this? I asked. She gave me some helpful tips and she along with my mom reminded me that I would probably change it a few times before I figured out what works best for us. Because I'm a first-time-mom, I just went with what seemed to make sense now while also knowing that it may all change once she is here!
The dresser was one of the first things I worked on because it was the first piece of furniture in the nursery. I've moved some things around but so far this is what has worked! The top two large drawers are for things that I think we will use the most, so on the left I have newborn and 0-3 month onesies and gowns and on the right, I have diapers, wipes and other diapering necessities. From there, I just worked my way down in organization. 

I found these dividers from The Container Store and they work great! They're perfect for dividing out the outfits and getting more out of the space (those little outfits are tiny!). I watched a few videos on ways to fold onesies and figured out what worked best. Who knows if they will stay that way but for now it works well! I also found this organizer set and used them in both this dresser and our taller chest.  

The nursery has the smallest closet out of any room in the house and has a fairly basic wire rack system. While I would have ideally liked to completely redo the closet, we decided to work with what was in there. I added a 4-cube storage unit on the bottom left and added these baskets from The Container Store. 

I also added these medium baskets to the wire shelving to organize and contain all of the tiny things that were floating around in the closet. I had the liners embroidered by Lumina Embroidery and love that they add some character to the space. 
We added this dresser (and added these bow knobs) and it was the perfect addition to the space for organization. I used some of the cubes from this organization set to organize a few of the drawers as well as these little white bins from Target. I have a feeling I'll be redoing the top two rows once we get into a schedule but for now, it works for all of her little accessories. 

A few miscellaneous storage things:
  • Larger size outfits that aren't hung are in storage cubes
  • Extra diapers (newborn and size 1) are in a flat storage bin under the crib
  • Larger diaper boxes are in a guest room closet tucked away
  • Books are all in a basket by the crib
  • Toys are tucked into this wicker bin in the corner
While I wanted to have a place for every little thing in the nursery, I have no doubt that the nursery will organized, reorganized and then organized again over the course of the first weeks and months we have the baby at home. I'm excited to finally have our little girl in her sweet room!

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